5e starter set with family.

D&D 5e Starter Set

I have been blessed with a family of like minded nerds. My wife is a wonderful woman who is just as passionate about books, games, movies, etc. (Although she does take it one step further with her rabid obsession with the Seattle Seahawks) This whole entire adventure started with my wife watching TableTop. Watching Whil Wheaton have terrible dice rolls lead us down this you tube rabbit hole to a show called Critical Role. We instantly feel in love with this group of voice actors playing a game that we knew about, but just never got a chance to play. I showed my wife the D&D books I had. In my college days my friends and I always wanted to play but we just never could get past making our characters. So, I bought the 5e players handbook and start set and away we went.

Characters were rolled and my wife is a half-elf bard and my son a half-elf fighter. I brushed up on how to DM and we had a lot more fun that I expected. I was worried it might be difficult for my 12 year old son to catch on to the story or make appropriate decisions. Boy was I wrong he picked up on small story details his mother missed (proud dad moment). He even really jumped in with the role playing as well.

Now that we have got that initial uneasiness and expectations out of the way I believe we will be able to just move right along. Having never ran a game before I have found a plethora of videos and blogs with tips/tricks and great advice out there. I must also add the 5e rules are much easier to grasp as a newcomer than 3.5 back in my younger days (hence why we struggled to make characters).

If your new to table top rpgs and you want to give it a try get the starter set. I picked one up on amazon for $13. It has everything you need to try it out and see if it is something you would like to continue doing.