Video Game Grading Rubric

With my game reviews I’ve found and added to a rubric. There are 7 criteria that I will be looking at with 5 points in each section. So, a perfect game would need a score of 35. Hopefully, this will help me gauge my opinion of the game being reviewed.

  1. Graphics

    • How good the game looks compared to similar products on the same systems.
    • Do the effects add to or distract from the game?
  2. Story

    • Content
      • How interesting is the plot?
      • Does it draw the player in?
    • Pacing
      • Does the story ever drag?
      • Does it seem to abrupt?
  3. Game-play

    • Looking for originality and fun.
    • This is what the player actually does. (This one I don’t understand.)
    • UI/Controls
      • How the UI interacts with the game.
      • Is it intuitive or counter-intuitive?
      • Do the controls interfere with the user experience?
  4. Soundtrack

    • Lack of repetition.
    • Does it properly set the mood or tone.
  5. Replayability

    • Simply, will the user want to play it again.
  6. Completeness

    • Looking here at lack of bugs.
    • Also, does the game seem complete without DLC or does the DLC offered add features that seem necessary to the base game?
  7. Uniqueness

    • Here we’re looking at whether the game has broken new ground?
    • A sequel could conceivably be a 10 here, but it would have to add significantly to the original.
    • I’m also considering how unlike the game is compared to anything else out there on the same systems. A good score here generally indicates there is not a game like it on that system.

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