West Marches Campaign

So, I’ve been reading about the west marches style of play. I see it as something that would be really beneficial to my family. With our busy schedules it is difficult for us to sit down a play regularly. Between work and extracurricular activities it’s tough to prepare a story/campaign with depth. Now what I can provide is dungeon delving.

To be honest it’s what my son wants. He’s 12 character development is not a priority. He was to find loot. Also it helps me in a way because I just like drawing out dungeons and caves. If they are connected story wise cool and if not who cares?

When I get the idea as a whole fleshed out I share it here. I know this is nothing new to the community as a whole, but I feel like some of you may have some feed back that will be useful.

One thought on “West Marches Campaign”

  1. This was news to me. Apparently the “West Marches” style is very much a player driven style of campaign. According to sources, it is the players’ job to collect the party, schedule the time, and figure out where they would like to go for each session. Not every player plays in every session, which is what allows large amounts of players to all be in the same campaign. Huh, that’s sort of what my group does (more or less). I’ve got two campaigns going with about 6 people total and another one with 4 (myself included). The smaller one we sort of determine what days work best on a week to week basis, usually in the evenings. The other two groups are on fixed days Wednesday and Saturday nights.


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